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Some Frequently Asked Questions... If You Have One Just Ask:


Q; What makes HEC different from other house washers?
A; HEC does NOT use a pressure washer to clean your home's exterior. Instead, we use a low pressure
    cleaning technique with about the same amount of water pressure that comes out of your garden hose.
Q; Why is that better for my home than a pressure washer?
A;  Pressure washing a house can cause damage to the exterior. Some pressure washers used to clean 
     houses produce over 4000 psi output and even small consumer grade pressure washers can cause 
     damage. With age, vinyl siding can become brittle and the high pressure from a pressure washer can cause
     cracks or holes which may lead to water getting trapped behind the siding, possibly leading to even more 
     problems with mold. Also, pressure washing can damage the protective coating that the factory puts on vinyl
     siding, causing "oxidation" to form (the appearance of which looks like baby powder on the vinyl).Not only
     can a pressure washer damage vinyl siding but it also damages Stucco, Log or wood exteriors, because of 
     their delicate nature and can even break the seal around windows causing them to fog with weather changes. 
Q; But doesn't pressure washing clean my house just as well?
A; Pressure washing really just knocks off the mold, sort of like shaving, and does not kill the mold at the roots.
    HEC's method of cleaning actually allows you to watch us kill the mold before removing it. We not only
    remove the mold, but we get wasp nests, spider webs and the rest of the dirt and grime off your house too,
    without the possibility of damage that a pressure washer can cause.
Q; How long should I go before I have to get my house cleaned again?
A; That usually depends on many different variables, such as the area you live in, the exterior of your home
     and sometimes even the weather. Although normally most people have it done only once a year, we do have
     clients who have cleaning done twice a year.
Q: Do I have to be home when you are cleaning my house?
A:  No. Unless there are areas that may need to be accessed through your home such as a balcony, all we need 
     is access to an outside water spigotHowever, be assured that all details will be discussed with you during 
     your free estimate and prior to any work being done.
Q; How do you kill the mold?
A; HEC uses a combination of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions that when mixed and sprayed on your
    home will kill the mold on your house's exterior instead of just knocking it off like a pressure washer would.
Q; What about the solutions killing my plants or hurting my pets?
A; The solutions we use on your house are both plant and pet safe. However, HEC washes down all plants before, during
    and after cleaning your house to ensure that no residue remains on them just in case to prevent any possible problems.
Q; What about the guy who said he can clean it so much cheaper than you?
A; We have all seen the signs saying "Pressure Wash any house $79", but if you saw a sign saying "Any surgery $1000"
    would you really want them to operate on a loved one? Sometimes the price you see advertised is not always the price
    that you end up getting once the estimate is given, (a term called "Low Balling"). Most people are usually attracted to a
    low price because most of us have a budget we need to stay in and want to save money. However, there is a difference
    between "price" and "cost " . Some companies hope that you will make your decision on "price" alone and if they are
    the cheapest then they get the job. Once they get the job then they have to cut corners to make a profit (no matter how
    you cut it there are still only 100 pennies in a dollar). This corner cutting is where the job can end up "costing" you more in
    the end (like having to replace a window). At HEC, we do not give quotes over the phone, but actually come out and give
    free estimates based on what you want cleaned and the price you are quoted for a job is the price that you pay for
    that job. NO Exceptions... NO Surprises. You do not let just anyone work on your expensive car, then why should you let just
    anyone clean your biggest investment....YOUR HOME. Just because someone buys a pressure washer does not make them
    anymore of a house washer than you buying a scalpel makes you a surgeon.
Q; My roof is all black or has lots of black streeks on it. Does it need to be replaced?
A; Possibly not. Unsightly black stains or streaks on asphalt shingles is caused by "Gloeocapsa Magma", a type of algae that
    thrives in areas of heat and humidity. If left untreated, it can reduce the life of your roof which will lead to it needing to be
    replaced. HEC has the ability to clean your home's roof of this algae which can increase it's ability to reflect the suns heat
    rays and decrease your home cooling cost (saves you money) along with increasing the life of your roof and improving
    your home's curb appeal.
Q; Why shouldn't I just do it myself?
A; Your free time is very important to you. Do you really want to spend it cleaning your house and possibly damaging it with
    a pressure washer? What if you do damage it, now what kind of problems is that going to cause and how much is it going
    to cost you having to get them fixed? Do you also want to risk something happening while you are up on a ladder? Let
    Hometown Exterior Cleaning take the hassle and headache out of you getting the clean house you want while allowing you
    the opportunity to enjoy your life with your family.
Q; Do you only wash houses? 
A; At Hometown Exterior Cleaning when it comes to cleaning we do more than just wash houses. We also offer pressure washing
    for surfaces like driveways, decks, areas around pools, piers, etc. Although we specialize in house washing we have also cleaned
    The Sumter County Library, The Lee County Economic Development Office (built in 1912) and Home Branch Church located
    outside of Mannning S.C. numerous homes built prior to 1900 along with Apartment and Condomenium Complexes.  
Q; Why can't you just give me a quote over the phone? 
A; We seem to get this question alot. I am sure you would not call the local body shop and tell them you had a wreck and ask for
    a quote to repair your car would you? Of course not, and just like every wreck is different, every house is different. What we look
    at when we do a quote is the: 1) Size, 2) Type exterior, 3) How dirty is it, 4) Elevation layout.  I can show you many different 2400
    sq ft houses and each would have a different quote. That is why we quote every house individually, so you know that the amount
    you are quoted is the amount you are going to pay. No surprises, No change ups.    
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